How to choose pepper grinder style and capacity

Pepper can be said to be an indispensable seasoning in many dishes. If you have a useful pepper grinder, you can easily use freshly ground pepper to add flavor to your dishes. How to choose different shapes and capacities?

The shape of the pepper grinder

1. Manual twist type

People who love cooking will definitely love the crisp sound when pepper is ground with it, and the aroma that comes with it. It is very professional to use! However, this kind of pepper grinder may be difficult to rotate due to differences in design or size. If the hands are slippery or greasy during the cooking process, it will also increase the difficulty of operation due to slippage;

2. One-handed pressing type

It is mainly operated by pressing the handles on both sides of the upper side, or pressing the buttons; it can be used with one hand, which is very convenient. At the same time, there are many interesting styles to choose from. However, the amount that can be grinded at a time is usually smaller, and it is more suitable to be used on the table as a side meal compared to a kitchen that requires a lot of seasoning.

3. Electric type

Just press the switch to automatically grind pepper, and it can be operated with one hand. It is a very labor-saving and fast type. The quality of the ground pepper grains is more average than that of the manual type, and powdered pepper is not prone to appear.

Height and capacity selection

In addition to the appearance, the size and capacity of the pepper grinder are also the parts that must be paid attention to when purchasing.
Especially for the two-hand twist type, if the size of the pepper pot is too small, the grips of the left and right hands are too close and it will be difficult to apply force. Basically, the height of about 12cm or more can be easily operated by both men and women, but if it is used by children, even the one-handed type may be difficult to operate due to the size difference. Don't forget to check the user's hand size before buying, and then choose a suitable style.
In addition, how much pepper can fit in the grinder is also important. If the capacity of the grinder is too large, putting in too many peppercorns at a time but not being used within a certain period of time may cause the pepper to lose its aroma before grinding and using it. Therefore, it is recommended that you only put in the amount of pepper that can be used within about 1 to 3 months, increase the frequency of supplementation to maintain the aroma, and store the remaining peppercorns in a cool place. At the same time, the pepper grinder must be kept away from high temperature places such as natural gas stoves to avoid deterioration of pepper grains.

Post time: May-24-2021

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