The origin of pepper grinder

Peugeot is actually a French surname. The Peugeot family began to produce various seasoning grinders as early as the 18th century. The “Peugeot Company” that produced this pepper shaker made many people a little confused because of the name of the French Peugeot Motor Company. It’s exactly the same. In fact, both Peugeot pepper shakers and Peugeot cars belong to the same company. Peugeot was the first to produce pepper grinders. No one thought that this company would invent cars back then. The Peugeot family has invested in manufacturing for more than 200 years. Years later, they first produced seasoning mills. About 1810, they designed and produced coffee mills, pepper mills, and coarse salt mills. Later, they began to produce bicycles, bicycle wheels, metal umbrella frames, and clothing factories. By 1889, they were in the family. A member named Armand Peugeot and the German Gottlieb Daimler collaborated to produce a three-wheel steam-driven car, which is actually a car driven by steam. This gradually formed Peugeot Motor Company, and Daimler cooperated with the German Mercedes-Benz family to form Daimler-Benz.

The history of pepper mills is of course much earlier than the history of automobile production. The pepper grinder was designed by two brothers of this company in the early years. One was called Jean-Frederic Peugeot (1770-1822) and the other was called Jean-Pierre Peugeot (Jean-Pierre Peugeot, 1768-1852), the commonly seen model is the Z type. We found that the patent date of this pepper mill was 1842. At the time of the patent, his brother Jean-Friedrich Peugeot had passed away, so we speculated the year of design It should be before 1822. The mechanical structure of the pepper mill before the patent in 1842 is a bit different, but the patented Z-shaped mechanical structure is basically in use today, and the design has not changed much until now. This is a prominent product design that has maintained the original design for nearly 200 years. example. The principle of Peugeot pepper mill is very simple. It is a long hollow tube with a metal gear-like grinder at the bottom. The shaft of the mill is connected to the handle at the end of the tube. Grind it out through the grinder at the bottom. It is too simple to add, so it is almost impossible to design different abrasive tools. In this way, it has been used for nearly 200 years.

Peugeot pepper mill has become one of the most typical seasoning tools in Western food. It has been produced by the French company Peugeot. There are many different versions and can be seen in Western restaurants all over the world. For the average person, the pepper mill in a restaurant is an exquisite tool. Since the design and production of Peugeot, the Peugeot pepper mill has been a must-have tool in European and American restaurants.

Peugeot later also designed pepper mills of different lengths and shapes, and also produced an electric pepper mill called Zeli Electric Pepper Mill (Zeli Electric Pepper Mill), but the earliest Z-shaped pepper mill has a very special nostalgia Feeling that in restaurants in the West, the more you pay attention to the classic pepper mills, the more you want to bring an elegant dining atmosphere.

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