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In the US home brewing market with a market value of 14 billion, more than 90% use pre-ground coffee powder. Many people have questions. Why should you buy coffee grinders if you can buy coffee powder directly? If you happen to have a coffee grinder at home, according to statistics, it is probably a blade type coffee grinder. The effect of this grinder is only a little better than that of crushing a bag of coffee beans.

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Why is the grinder so important?

There are two reasons: freshness and extraction.

Even if the coffee powder you buy is stored with nitrogen, the moment you open the seal, it will start to be oxidized. The coffee is ground and divided into cups. After waiting for half an hour, grind some fresh coffee for comparison. The difference between the two will shock you: After only thirty minutes, the aroma of the first cup of coffee has mostly disappeared.

The combination of aroma and taste is the complete coffee flavor. This is why food will fade when you are sick. The aroma of pre-ground coffee powder will be lost, lacking "vitality".
Whether you like deep or light roasted coffee beans, or using pressure or drip filtration, investing in a good Burr set grinder is the easiest way to improve the quality of your coffee.

“Trimill” coffee grinder is coming!

A good hand-held electric coffee grinder can meet your daily needs for coffee, save time and effort, and can also extract coffee of different flavors. At the same time, it is portable. You can make a cup of coffee by yourself when you are traveling or on business trips. The main feature of a good coffee grinder is the fineness and uniformity of the grinding. Our company has developed a new hand-held electric coffee grinder. It uses a newly designed ceramic grinding core with a more reasonable structure and can grind very fine and evenly. The powder is "outstanding" among similar coffee grinders. Our coffee grinder has passed many tests, and the product quality can be guaranteed.
A good coffee grinder, you deserve it!

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