The Classic Stainless Steel Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder

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The degree of grinding in the coffee will directly affect the contact area between the coffee and water and the extraction time of the coffee.

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1.The influence of thickness

Coffee grinding degree plays a very important role in coffee extraction, it will directly affect the coffee taste.

The degree of grinding in the coffee will directly affect the contact area between the coffee and water and the extraction time of the coffee. From the perspective of coffee taste, under the condition that the ratio of powder to water, water temperature, water injection method, and extraction time are all the same, the finer the grinding degree, the higher the coffee concentration and extraction rate, and the higher the mellowness, the more the bitterness. Strong. On the contrary, if the grinding degree is coarse, the concentration and extraction rate of coffee will be lower, and the mellowness will be lower, so the sourness of coffee will be stronger.


2.The recommendation of classic manual coffee grinder

Different scenarios have different requirements for the types of grinder and the fineness of grinding, for home and travel hand coffee grinders, we recommend a classic style manual coffee grinder produced by our company named MSC-1. It is a conical burr style and can be adjusted the thickness by adjusting the knob. It is consist of handle knob, anti jumping cover,hopper,ceramic grinding core,adjustment knob and power cup.


Product advantages

1.The 304 stainless steel body is health and its easy to remove and clean.
2.The ceramic grinding core is health without fever and smell.It has high hardness and corrosion resistance and it is washable with water.
3.You can adjust the thickness to meet different needs from coarse to fine.
4.The visual window of the power cup can help you understand the grinding process.
5.The grinding core is independently designed and produced by our company, so the quality and price have more competitive advantages.


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